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3 little things for an eco-ish Diwali!

We are calling it "eco-ish" because hey, let's be honest it is hard to celebrate a completely eco-friendly Indian festival.

We all had a hard time this year and if we are lucky enough to be with family and friends, it will be difficult convincing our homies and mates to get all out of their comfort zones. So, if not exactly eco-friendly, let's be eco-ish in some ways at least.

Here are some little steps we will take and I hope a couple of points might be feasible for everyone out there.  


Now, that's obvious, isn't it? There are way too many ways to enjoy Diwali - food, games, constant chatter, singing, dancing!

Make some noise with laughter & banter, we say! Let the air get infectious with smiles & songs, instead of harmful smoke!

2. EARTHEN LAMPS over fancy lights. 

Get together with family & friends and prepare the diyas with oil/ghee. While we are in the spirit of going vocal for local, let us support and bring a smile to the local Indian potters & sellers. Also, how about we don't bargain and give them something extra.

Spread some joy!


If you are buying something new this Diwali, buy something handcrafted by an artisan. The cottage industry has suffered a lot during this pandemic. If you are blessed, share the blessing by supporting a handmade craft instead of fast fashion.

From our end, at Kaizen the label, till Diwali we are offering a 30% discount offer. Use promo code "festive30" at checkout or DM us on Instagram.

All our products are either handwoven or hand embroidered or both!

All garments are constructed at certified fair trade organisations.

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